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At Compartamos Banco we have been characterized by our openness to establish strategic alliances with the objective to keep us at the front of the microfinance sector, along with the vision of adding value to our operations. This is transformed into the quality of the financial services we offer, the positive results we report and the full compliance of our obligations to those that have deposited their trust and their resources in Compartamos Banco, with the aim to support the institution in order to fulfill our mission.

Furthermore, at Compartamos Banco we have a solid network of relations with known experts of the finance and microfinance sector inside and outside the country. At Compartamos we have been object of numerous specialized studies from institutions such as the IDB, the World Bank and prestigious publications such as the Microbanking Bulletin.
ACCIÓN Internacional in Boston, Ma
Microfinance Mexico in Mexico City
Prodesarrollo, Finanzas y Microempresa in Mexico City
Asociación de Bancos de México, A.C.